MyCity Microlog

The Water and Electricity network monitor for Bulk Zone or Consumer meters.

Product Features of µLog

  • The ultimate device for monitoring daily, monthly, or yearly usage patterns at any connection be it Consumer, Bulk or Zone.
  • The essential device for Demand Management (DM)
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) ready, data is transmitted directly to a server, no need for mesh networks, concentrators or gateways.
  • Ideal for leak detection, alarming and water shut-off control to prevent water loss
  • Remote on/off control of water supply (optional)
  • SMS or e-mail alarms to any cell phone or client on leak detection or excessive water usage (optional)
  • This self-powered remote monitoring device, is the ultimate tool for monitoring parameters where power or Wi-Fi network access is not available.
  • It is battery-powered and uses GSM/GPRS channel for communication with the MyCity or SCADA e-mail servers.
  • Connects to two pulse and two analog output devices monitoring water, gas, electricity … .
  • Digital outputs to control two devices, solenoid, relays … .
  • Information is internally logged, time and date stamped and transmitted at programmable intervals. Logging in programmable, data storage capacity is determined by it and the number of variables logged.
  • Upon activation of µLog, it will start transmitting data to the host server. The MyCity web server is configured to present this information on a dashboard specified by the client.
  • Micro small, lightweight and IP68 rated environmental protection.
  • Long battery life with internal battery – 5+ years depending on configuration
  • Remote programming of all setup parameters and firmware
  • Conceived, Designed, Manufactured and Supported in South Africa