MyCity Product

MyCity is a web based almost real time monitoring system, capturing information that is essential for the efficient management of a City, Utility, Industrial, Commercial or Private entity. This could be related to the Water, Sewerage or Electrical distribution network, Environment, Catchment management or any other parameter of importance. It is also a platform where related information specific to the installation site, can be captured and archived. Apart from visual and GPS positioning information, any other piece of documentation of importance can be stored and accessed.

The key features of the system shall be:

  • Data capture of remote parameter values by monitoring outstations and the transmission thereof to a web server
  • All data to be stored in a database, allowing queries from operators using a browser
  • Alarm processing and notification via SMS by the remote outstations
  • This feature is important in that it allows management by exception
  • Generation of generic reports per parameter
  • System configuration and Administration
  • Security
  • Site service record to keep track of all service actions at the site
  • Direct link of each site to Google Maps to show the exact position of each outstation
  • Picture of the site configuration
  • Engineering map overlay for each site
  • A smartphone application that links to the server, retrieves the relevant information and shows a trend of the incident.
  • All the remote terminal units (data loggers) have 2 x Flow channels and 5 x Analog channels for monitoring pressure, EC, pH,
  • Flow or level from suitable transducers.
  • This offers the facility to monitor flow and up- and downstream pressure at a PRV