Portable Samplers

Aquamatic’s range of three Portable Wastewater Samplers gives complete sampling flexibility. Like all the models in Aquamatic’s Aquacell Sampler range, the tiny P2-COMPACT, the versatile P2-MULTIFORM and the temperature-controlled P2-COOLBOX all feature the unique, high-performance Aquacell Module. All can be powered by mains electricity or via an integrated battery that can provide up to 350 samples on a full charge.

The air pump vacuum sampling system featured within every Aquacell Module provides for a reliable, representative and repeatable sample without the weaknesses that can be associated with alternative sampling techniques. Programming set-up is simplicity itself, with sample volumes from 50 – 500ml (and above, using multiple shots/sample events) and sample intervals from 1 minute to almost 100 hours. Sample extraction frequency can be time based or triggered by external sources such as flow meters, level sensors, pH meters, PLC’s etc. ALL Aquacell Sampler models are certified to the UK Environment Agency’s MCERTs standard for Automatic Wastewater Sampling Equipment and also the International Standard for Wastewater Samplers ISO 5667-10. All Aquamatic portable Samplers can extract samples from a pressurised effluent source, when specified with a Pressurised Pipeline Interface – Standard.


Ideal when samplers are transported between sites, the Aquacell P2-COMPACT takes up minimal space and yet offers all the benefits of the high-performance Aquacell module. Supplied complete with with a compact, low profile 5 litre HDPE Sample Collection Vessel.


Combining the convenience and reliability of a portable Aquacell Sampler with the versatility of single or multiple bottle Sample Collection Vessels, the P2-MULTIFORM Sampler features a simple ‘lift-off’ design for access to easily visible Sample Collection Vessels. Like all Aquacell Samplers, the P2-MULTIFORM can be connected to and controlled by external equipment such as flow meters, pH meters or PLC’s etc.


Designed for sampling biologically active wastewater, the Aquacell P2-COOLBOX features a high-performance passive Sample Temperature Control System that maintains samples at an optimal temperature of 0 – 5ºC for up to five days. The passive temperature control system requires no power, therefore maximising on-board battery life. Sample temperatures can be measured and logged for subsequent download. Supplied complete with 5 litre Sample Collection Vessel and Cooling Elements.