Samplers Stationary – Floor-Mounted Non-Refrigerated Range

Aquamatic’s floor mounted, non-refrigerated range of automatic Wastewater Samplers feature the rugged, secure S300 enclosure, the widest possible choice of integral or removable bottlers and, in common with all Aquamatic Samplers, the unique Aquacell Sampling Module. As with all four models in the S300 Series, all electronic components are protected within the upper compartment, thus minimising potential damage from corrosive gases present on some sites. Collected samples are kept within the separate, lower compartment where they can be accessed without the need to touch the Sampler Module and vice versa.

The air pump vacuum sampling system featured within every Aquacell Module provides for a reliable, representative and repeatable sample without the weaknesses that can be associated with alternative sampling techniques. Programming set-up is simplicity itself, with sample volumes from 50 – 500ml (and above) and sample intervals from 1 minute to almost 100 hours. Sample extraction frequency can be time based or triggered by external sources such as flow meters, level sensors, pH meters, PLC’s etc. All Aquacell Sampler models are certified to the UK Environment Agency’s MCERTs standard for Automatic Wastewater Sampling Equipment and also the International Standard for Wastewater Samplers ISO 5667-10. Aquacell S310 and S310H Samplers can extract samples from both non-pressurised and pressurised (when specified with a Pressurised Pipeline Interface – S300) effluent sources. Many other options are available for floor mounted S300 Series Samplers, including auxilliary equipment enclosures, warning beacons and transportation aids. Full details are available from Aquamatic or on our website

Aquacell S310
The Aquacell S310 Sampler provides secure sample protection and offers the versatility of a full range of Sample Collection Vessel options. Designed to be used indoors or in weather-protected areas. The S310 can also be specified with an optional Llift-Up Protection Cover for further lockable security.

Aquacell S310H
The Aquacell S310H features a Lift-Up Protection Cover as standard, and also includes Sample Frost Protection, making it ideal for outdoor, exposed situations.