Samplers Stationary – Floor Mounted Refrigerated Range

The Aquamatic range of stationary, refrigerated wastewater samplers consists of three Aquacell models, the S200, the secure S320 and the rugged outdoor S320H. At the heart of each is the well proven Aquacell sampling module, a robust and reliable unit proven in thousands of applications worldwide and trusted by users as diverse as food manufacturers, water companies and the Environment Agencies.

The air pump vacuum sampling system featured within every Aquacell Module provides for a reliable, representative and repeatable sample without the weaknesses that can be associated with alternative sampling techniques. Programming set-up is simplicity itself, with sample volumes from 50 – 500ml (and above) and sample intervals from 1 minute to almost 100 hours. Sample extraction can be time based or triggered by external sources such as flow meters, level sensors, pH meters, PLC’s etc. All Aquacell Sampler models are certified to the UK Environment Agency’s MCERTs standard for Automatic Wastewater Sampling Equipment and also the International Standard for Wastewater Samplers ISO 5667-10. Aquacell S200, S320 and S320H Samplers can extract samples from both non-pressurised and pressurised (when specified with a Pressurised Pipeline Interface) effluent sources.

Aquacell S200
The Aquacell S200 Sampler is the refrigerated solution for an indoor, secure location. The sampler module is separate from the lockable, high-performance, refrigeration compartment so it can be programmed or interrogated without disturbing the temperature controlled samples. The S200 makes use of any of the nonintegral range of Sample Collection Vessels. Additionally, this model can be combined with an optional, lockable, tamperproof Front Cover.

Aquacell S320/S320H
Two refrigerated Aquacell S300 Series models are available, S320 for indoor applications and S320H for outdoor use. Both models are based around the same high performance S300 cabinet. All electronic equipment is protected in the upper rear compartment, while collected samples are kept separately and securely in the lockable, temperature controlled, lower compartment. Both the S320 and S320H models can be used with the full range of Sample Collection Vessels, including Integral Bottlers, which are supplied with a Pull-Out Tray for easy access to the sample collection bottles.