Sample Collection Vessels

Aquamatic’s range of Sample Collection Vessels have been designed to meet virtually any wastewater sampling requirement, from a Single Container for collecting a simple composite sample through to a fully automatic Self-Emptying, Self-Cleaning multi-vessel Bottler. Working seamlessly with your Aquacell Wastewater Sampler, the Sample Collection Vessel will collect accurate and representative effluent samples, preserving them in optimum conditions until they are retrieved for analysis.

Single Containers
In many applications a single composite sample is all that is required. Aquamatic’s Single Container Sample Collection Vessels all feature a sealed lid/cap and easy-clean design.

Removable Bottlers
Apart from the pluggable connection cable, Removable Bottlers are totally independent of the Aquacell Sampler unit in use. The complete unit can be removed from the Sampler, which is particularly useful when there is the need to remove the full set of Bottles for analysis. Available in glass or plastic with Single Container or Self-Emptying multi-bottle formats to choose from.

Integral Bottlers
For use with the S300 Series Samplers, Aquamatic’s Integral Bottlers include a fixed sample distribution mechanism and offer a wide variety of Sample Container choices. All Integral Bottlers include a Pull-Out Tray to facilitate easy access and retrieval of samples. Also available in Integral format, Self-Emptying and Self-Cleaning Bottlers provide a diligent sampling regime without the need for regular operator intervention. This is ideal for applications where samples need to be taken continually but not necessarily analysed.